Online exhibition on the beautiful body forms in yoga

The following exhibition presents the beauty of yoga. The series of pictures is intended to draw attention to possibilities that are given with Yoga-āsana and that are going beyond the pure utility of an exercise. In the human body and in its movements, according to my experiences and observations, there is a hidden sense of beauty. Anyone who discovers this sense fo beauty, can lead his body into an well-shaped form with the Yoga-āsana. Beauty thus emerges as an expression of artistic yoga.


Light Body Shapes

  • Parivritta Janu Shirshasana, Sivananda Yoga Zentrum


Do you practice yoga-āsana yourself and do you have a nice photo? You are welcome to participate in the project with your own yoga photos and experiences on the aspect of beauty and aesthetics in yoga. For easy uploading of an image file, you can use the Upload Image Page.

How important is the beautiful expression of an yoga āsana to you? Please leave your opinion in the Guest Book.

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Copyright of the Yoga Online Exhibition

The copyright for the complete Yoga Online Exhibition is at Light Body Shapes. The  photos of Heinz Grill are depicted with the friendly permission of the author from the out-of-print book “Das Hohelied der Asanas”, which was not translated in English.  All other images are provided in the sense of Fair Use.
The web page Light Body Shapes is dedicated to the question of the development of beauty in the human body.