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Mayurasana in Padmasana, Alina Kumaris
Mayurasana in Padmasana

In all the years of personal research and growth as a meditation teacher, I have become more and more desirous of entering into dialogue with thoughts and experiences on spirituality and meditation. So, a few years ago, I started to build the site www.dhyana.at.

The exhibition Light Body Shapes is a first concrete result of this activity. Beauty, in my opinion, is a result of an integral yoga practice that involves meditation. Depending on which thought content one concentrates during the execution of a yoga āsana, the result will also be expressed. I feel myself at the very beginning of these efforts. Therefore, I would like to point out those forms of expression that are already visible in others. About how I came to the idea of ​​this exhibition, I have written a separate contribution. If you have looked at the exhibition, I would be very happy about an entry in the Guestbook. If you practice yoga yourself and have a nice yoga photo, you can upload it via the Image Upload section. I will gladly publish it after suitable selection.

A separate Who Is page is being planned. There, the persons presented in the exhibition will be presented briefly, or you can also present yourself with your activity.

On the site dhyana.at you will find book reviews on meditation, yoga and spirituality and a database with addresses of meditation centers in Austria. Asana videos, mantra audios, short biographies of independent thinkers and great meditators as well as explanations of Sanskrit terms complete the page. I also like to point out your current event for meditation or yoga. Contact: alina.kumaris[at]mailbox.org

Alina Kumaris