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International Yoga

On June 21 is International Day of Yoga

Have you ever considered signing up for a yoga class? Or do you even practice yoga regularly at home?

India requests an International Day of Yoga

Nevertheless you may not have heard that June 21 is not just the summer solstice day, but also the date of the Yoga Day Celebration.  All 193 member states of the United Nations have agreed “that wider dissemination of information about the benefits of practising yoga would be beneficial for the health of the world population”¹ and a proposal by India was accepted and the result was a resolution, which declares June 21st to be the International Day of Yoga.

This resolution also notes “the importance of individuals and populations making healthier choices and following lifestyle patterns that foster good health” as well as “providing a holistic approach to health and well-being.

How and in what form this International Day of Yoga is committed, is up to each country. The costs of the planned actions should in any case be borne on a voluntary basis. On June 21, 2015, the first summer solstice after the resolution was passed, 35,985 people from 84 different nations gathered in New Delhi, India, to practice 21 different yoga positions for 35 minutes.²

A holistic approach to health and well-being

If there are no scheduled activities for the International Yoga Day in the city where you live or if you do not have time to engage in a joint action, here’s a suggestion like you nevertheless, can become aware of the positive value of yoga for your health and do something yourself for the recovery of your nervous system:

Watch the following video carefully, it only takes 5 minutes. Can it be that there is a connection between beauty and health?

If you share the post on Facebook, you may get interesting comments about this question: Does yoga make you more beautiful, and if so, does the beauty of the body make you healthier?

Anyway, I think the Yoga Day Celebration is a very nice and valuable initiative.

It directs one’s gaze to what each person can contribute to peace and wellbeing in the world.


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Yoga-image by Gary Skirrow on pixabay, Video by “Light Body Shapes”

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